Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul. The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body. It is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

RU Yoga School

In Vedic religion, Sanskrit, was considered the language of the Gods.
“RU” (Pronounced as Rooh) is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Guru’ – meaning teacher, one who dispels the darkness of ignorance. “Gu” meaning darkness, “Ru” meaning Light.

Our world is one of the extremely few places in the universe that is so close to one star that its whole environment bathes in light. We rarely consider this fact as we go about with our daily lives. Each human cell and every form of life on Earth synchronize their activity with the sun. “Light” is an essential part of all our lives.

RU is the experiential wisdom transmitted from our Gurus. We want the world to be enlightened. You are a Yogi from your first day at RU Yoga School.

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7 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat

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3 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat


Beach. Peace. Light

India’s smallest state with the most serene beaches to the west & lush green hill-forests to the east. White sand beaches, blue waters & orange skies make the best sunsets. Colonized by the Portuguese for about 500 years, one will find ancient buildings & churches everywhere.

RU Yoga School is in a discreet, calm village in South Goa. A few meters away from the beach, all you can hear is the soothing sound of waves hitting the beach. A minute there & all your worries will be washed away.

September, just when the skies are clearing, the sea calms creating the perfect weather. It keeps getting better until April, when the summer sets in, increasing the temperature drastically.

At RU Yoga School, we start our Retreats & Trainings during the cool, dry season from September through March.


From the Origin

‘Yoga’ - the very word radiates peace and tranquility. Born in India, almost 26,000 years ago, Yoga evolved during the period of the ‘Satya Yuga’, Era of Truth, also called the Golden age. This period became known as a time of everlasting peace and abundant blessings, filled with seekers of the Eternal Truth. That is why, probably, even today we associate yoga with sages and hermits.

At RU Yoga School, we encourage our Yogis with the highest quality of vidyā (knowledge) and passion in yoga, we emphasize on the precise technique, breathing and ethics of teaching and practicing yoga.

Be Enlightened

Advaita Vedānta (Identity of the True Self) is a philosophical concept where followers seek liberation by recognizing identity of the Self (Atman) and the Whole (Brahman) through long preparation and training, usually under the guidance of a guru, that involves efforts such as knowledge of scriptures, renunciation of worldly activities, and inducement of direct identity experiences. The importance of finding a guru who can impart transcendental knowledge (vidyā) is emphasized in Hinduism.
At RU Yoga School, our Gurus bring out the light in you, which enables you to see the world around us in a whole new perspective.


Purify & Rejuvenate

We are all made up of many layers of vibrating energy, each with its own specific vibration and purpose. We are constantly interacting with all kinds of energy and absorb most of them, bound to create a disorder in the tranquility.

RU Yoga School, rejuvenates the mind-body to reveal your spirit and awaken your natural joy of movement.



  • Vinaya is a terrific yoga teacher. I participate in her weekly vinyasa class at Sport and Health Reston, With each class I look forward not only to the superior physical/ breathing instruction she provides - it's invigorating! - , but also to enjoying her insightful thoughts on the universe around us. Her technique is the most "authentic" that I've experienced and i always leave class feeling like a more healthy and enlightened person.

    J, Virginia
  • Vinaya is a great yoga teacher. She knows what is she doing. I am taking her gentle yoga class where we are learning a lot about our bodies and how different asanas can help to improve our health problems. She shares her wisdom with us and she has very good energy. I feel great after her class. Our class is always full and wish Equinox will add more her classes.

    Olga, Virginia
  • I love vinaya's class. Her style of teaching is different. This is what a true yoga class is all about. Its not all about just physical asanas and alignment which is what most yoga classes concentrate on. That doesn't mean her vinyasa flow class will be easy. IT depends on what class she is teaching. Vinyasa's class is all about mind and body. Her teaching always makes you think about something and ponder upon. I try not to miss her classes. she is truly a great teacher and I am thankful to her for sharing her wisdom with us. Thanks Vinaya.

    Chitra, Virginia
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