Everything comes to you in the right moment, be patient. Meditate, experience Yoga. For most of us, life has become demanding with work and societal commitments. After all those hours of work, junk food, fun for the mind & self-abuse, regain. Refresh yourself! Hit the reset button. Take a break, travel. Experience silence, connect with your inner self. The RU Yoga School’s Yoga & Wellness Retreats, will treat you well, help you rejuvenate, an insight into the world of bliss, peacefulness and illuminate from within. Experience a new you. Take back memories and feel completely recharged.

Escape to Happyness

RU Yoga School

In Vedic religion, Sanskrit, was considered the language of the Gods.
“RU” (Pronounced as Rooh) is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Guru’ – meaning teacher, one who dispels the darkness of ignorance. “Gu” meaning darkness, “Ru” meaning Light.

Our world is one of the extremely few places in the universe that is so close to one star that its whole environment bathes in light. We rarely consider this fact as we go about with our daily lives. Each human cell and every form of life on Earth synchronize their activity with the sun. “Light” is an essential part of all our lives.

RU is the experiential wisdom transmitted from our Gurus. We want the world to be enlightened. You are a Yogi from your first day at RU Yoga School.

Beach. Peace. Light

India’s smallest state with the most serene beaches to the west & lush green hill-forests to the east. White sand beaches, blue waters & orange skies make the best sunsets. Colonized by the Portuguese for about 500 years, one will find ancient buildings & churches everywhere.

RU Yoga School is in a discreet, calm village in South Goa. A few meters away from the beach, all you can hear is the soothing sound of waves hitting the beach. A minute there & all your worries will be washed away.

September, just when the skies are clearing, the sea calms creating the perfect weather. It keeps getting better until April, when the summer sets in, increasing the temperature drastically.

At RU Yoga School, we start our Retreats & Trainings during the cool, dry season from September through March.

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