Don’t you wish you could you could fix wings to your car and fly away on a holiday?
That’s exactly what these 3 days is all about!

Take a break! Hit the refresh button!

You’ll learn to keep calm and indulge in yourself irrespective of the place and situation and just love life.

Everything comes to you in the right moment, be patient.
For most of us, life has become demanding with work and societal commitments.
After all those hours of work, junk food, fun for the mind & self-abuse, regain.

Take a quick break, travel.
We will treat you well, help you rejuvenate, an insight into the world of bliss, peacefulness and illuminate from within.
Feel Refreshed.

In the 3 days you’ll indulge in a weekend of bliss and peace, away from your routine.
You’ll wake up to a session of Hatha Yoga every morning building endurance and stability to help your body release stress,
Followed by Guided Chakra Meditation where you’ll learn patience and work on your chakras.
You’ll feel like a child again working with colors in the art therapy sessions, and
Write your heart out in the Writing Therapy.
You’ll release toxins in the evening sessions of Ashtanga Yoga where you’ll learn to go with the flow.
You’ll breathe fresh air and eat nutritious meals,
with relaxing sunsets at the beach and rejuvenate with an Ayurvedic Massage.

When you know you need a break!
A break that does not indulge in more abuse of your body but regeneration of self.