Life Changing Experience! Wake up!

Experience a New You!

In this age, life is lived with great difficulty which is leading one to the hospitals more often. It should be lived with happiness and freedom!
Freedom from stress, Freedom from worry,
Freedom from sadness, Freedom from bad lifestyles.

It takes a minimum of 7 days to break a lifestyle.
7-day retreat is exactly that! You will unlearn and learn living,
Your first step to Spiritual Awakening.
The 7 Days that will transform your life. At the end of the retreat you will feel like a new born.
You’ll find a new purpose, Live life the way it is supposed to be.

Take a break, travel. Experience silence, connect with your inner self.
We will treat you well, help you rejuvenate, an insight into the world of bliss, peacefulness and illuminate from within.
Experience a new you. Take back memories and feel completely recharged.

Start by working on your body with our daily yoga practices,

Dive deeper into yourself, working One Chakra a Day, through daily guided meditation.

Discover your inner feeling through art therapy.

Understand yourself with writing therapy,

Glide into REM sleep with music therapy,

Explore a new type of meditation every day,

Cleanse your aura and connect with the universal energy through Reiki,

Cure your ailments through acupuncture.

Relive like a child in the womb with Watsu Therapy,

Rejuvenate with ayurvedic massage,

Finally walk away with a secret that will change your life.

A Curious heart & willingness to Unlearn.

You will be welcomed with a “love bag” that will be your partner through your 7 days to Paradise!